Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Heritage Classic Update

I know I was ragging on the Pens for getting two Winter Classics, and I forgot to mention that this is the Canadien's second Heritage Classic as well. I'm of the camp that you should let every team have a classic before seconds are allowed, but nothing I can do about it now, so I might as well watch.

Quick notes, is apparently while the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh was too warm, the Classic here is too cold. They can't even use a zamboni on the ice because its too cold here. Not sure which is worse, but at least the ice surface isn't incredibly dangerous like this. Feel sorry for the players though, they look cold and tired.

The pregame show had a mash up to Requiem for a Dream. Because hockey is just that awesome.

The Habs's uniforms are about the same as their visiting uniforms, but as for the flames...
Ehhh...wondering how much McDonalds paid 'em.

But speaking of bad uniform choices:
A Jaques Plante tribute is nice, Pricey, but that still's terrifying.

Flames lead 1-0 after the first. More later. Here comes Don Cherry!

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