Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sounds Familiar...

So today the NHL and NBC are teaming up to bring "Hockey Day in America". I'm not sure about you, but for some reason, that name rings a bell...must be my imagination.

It is a noble effort by NBC to try and give some airtime to hockey, by airing several hockey games over the course of the day. And by "several games" we mean "whatever is in your regional area or you're screwed".

Must NBC taunt me with the prospect of finally, finally seeing my Wings on my television--only to take it away when I remember there is a Caps game happening at the same time.

There's also the bias against the Heritage Classic. There is a huge hype surrounding the Winter Classic every year--and didn't we see it this year with Bettman fapping to Crosby vs. Ovechkin. (Never mind this is the Pens second time with the Classic despite the fact that other teams have yet to be awarded this honor). It was hype beyond hype--only to fall flat on his face.

How could we forget this commerical, that now seems like a prediction:

Crosby! And Ovie! With dramatic music! And Rain...lots of rain.

I did watch the Winter Classic this year, and I was left wondering why the Hell they didn't just reschedule. We're lucky more players didn't get a concussion that day.

As I was saying, even for a joke of a Winter Classic like that, NBC ignores the Heritage Classic, which started the whole outdoor game phenomenon.

There are several problems with the NBC deal, but one of them is that it leaves us American fans out in the cold when it comes to viewing games. I can't even enjoy this "Hockey Day in America" because of the regional availably issue. So I will be watching the Heritage Classic instead, praying that TSN or CBC has an online stream like they did for the All Star Game.

This Comcast deal better result in more hockey on my TV, I swear to God...

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