Saturday, February 19, 2011

About Me

Oh boy. How do I describe myself? I know I'm a flawless god of a human being, but how do I put it modestly...

I am aged somewhere in my 20s. I have lived in both Canada and the United States. I played hockey when I was younger, but had to quit because "GIRLS CAN'T PLAY ICE HOCKEY!" at least where I lived at the time. I can't do anything with a stick or a puck now, but at least I can still skate.

Though I will try to be non-biased on here, my favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings (born in Michigan. When people ask me why I'm a 'bandwagoner' I ask them to take a good look at Michigan's other teams and see what they would choose to support). I also have a bit of fondness for the Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, and Toronto Maple Leafs. I don't really have a second favorite team (yet), that all depends upon what city I end up moving to in the future, I guess.

I am extremely biased when it comes to my favorite players, as they mostly all come from the Red Wings. Outside of the Red Wings, I do appreciate Carey Price, Roberto Luongo, Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Kesler, Matt Duchene, Patrick Kane, and Tyler Myers. Oh, and Steve Yzerman, or Jesus Y, as he is known, but since I am from Michigan, you probably could have deduced that.

When I am not thinking/writing/living hockey, I like to read or play video games. I also like writing and pretending someone will eventually care about/pay for my stories, but I try to keep it in perspective. I obviously won't make a billion dollars like JK Rowling. I'll probably only make a measly million.

I spell it 'grey' and it is correct, stupid Microsoft Word.

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