Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Way to keep with the updates, self.

Anyway, as it's playoff time, and Round 1 is just about to start (I have my beer cooled and my jersey on. Bring it.) I thought I'd take a moment to make some analysis/predictions.

Basically I'm going to do what those at are paid to do--say what I want without any research whatsoever.

On the matchups:

Caps vs. Rangers - This is one of those series that looks like it's clean-cut, with the first seed up against the eighth seed. Then your remember that the Rangers have a reputation for trolling and the Caps a reputation for choking. It could go either way, the turning point probably depending on how many people Avery manages to make mad and how many 'fucks' Bruce Boudreau manages to drop before the series is over.

Flyers vs. Sabres - (lets see if my browser autocorrect turns "Sabres" to "Sabers" again) This is one of those series where everyone, even the contending team, thinks they know what will happen. Though the Sabres do have their heart set on it and undoubtedly had a great season this year, they do not have the epic trolling power that the Rangers do in a pinch. The Flyers are still hurting from last year and looking to set things right, though Ryan Miller, American hero that he is, will hopefully prove a bit of a challenge for them.

Bruins vs. Canadiens - HANG ON TO YOUR BUTTS. That's all I'm going to say about this one.

Penguins vs. Lightning - The general consensus is that it could "go either way" when the 4th seed is matched up against the 5th seed, though this is a special case where the Pens would have been higher in the standings if the first three teams weren't seeded by conference champions. Though the Lightning are a young team and coached by legend and holy prophet Steve Yzerman, and though as a Wings fan it hurts to say it, I think the Pens will come out on top on this one.

Canucks vs. Blackhawks - This is another one of those that looks cut and dried, but then you remember how playing the Blackhawks worked out for the Canucks last year. This year, though, the Canucks have had the best season out of all the teams, and the best season of their franchise history, so it'll take quite a lot for the Hawks to make it past this round, I'm afraid.

Sharks vs. Kings - Two out of three of our California teams in the playoffs this year, oh boy. I'm more neutral on this matchup, and though I realize it could go either way with these two, I'm more inclined to believe the Sharks will come out simply because they've had solid seasons this year and last year, and certainly want to make it past the first round to get a chance of what they almost had last year.

Red Wings vs. Coyotes - UNIMPARTIALITY ALERT. Though I might have stake in this matchup, I will try to remain unbiased here as I say that while the Wings have a good team, with great players, they are also prone to choking. Badly. A certain game last month that ended with 10-3 not in their favor comes to mind. Since this is the second year for this matchup, it is sure to be a rough one, since the Coyotes will claw tooth and nail to have a better outcome and the Wings will try desperately not to lose in the first round and come out embarrassed. Though most are calling it for the Wings, I will refrain from making a firm judgement, as I don't want to jinx it.

Ducks vs. Predators - Again, as a 4th vs. 5th seed matchup, it really could go either way. Though personally I'd like to see the Preds eliminated, I have to say that they are a good team that can dash anyones hopes as well as they've dashed ours several times over this antagonizing season. I'm gonna call it for the Preds, though I know it will only hurt me in the end if it turns out that way.

Well, Puck drop for the first playoff game is in one hour, so here's to a great post-season!

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