Monday, May 2, 2011

Round 1 Wrap-up

Well, Round 1 is over, so here is a few thoughts I had:

Apparently Oprah gave a special and handed out overtimes to everyone! Caps, you get an overtime! Sabres, you get an overtime! Even Montreal, overtimes for you! Every body gets an overtime!

I lost count, but last time I added them up, I believe it was around thirteen games went into overtime. Wow.

Also, game 7s. Lots of game 7s. And blowing 3-0 leads (way to go, Canucks. Way to go). So lots of nail-biting, stressful hockey. Thus playoff hockey affirms why I drink.

Only the Red Wings got an easy sweep, and by the looks of their current Round 2 standings, they got off way too easy. Or they're choking again, but with my team, who the hell knows.

Wasn't terribly surprised by the outcomes--Canucks avoided another choke, and advanced past the Blackhawks, to the sadness of many in Chicago. I'm sure the boys were eager to begin their summer vacation right afterward, as I hear there was a common tipsy Kaner sighting at a bar in Chicago the next night. Toews was supposedly his derp-faced DD, but these reports are unconfirmed.

As for the Canucks, this victory shows that with the power of friendship, hope, love, and that freaky twin thing, perhaps they can beat the President's Trophy curse after all. Or they'll fail in Round 2 like many expect them to. There will be drunken crowds flooding the streets of Vancouver either way.

Out east, many hearts were broken when Montreal fell to the Bruins. Many more hearts were broken when the Penguins fell to the Lightning. While the Montreal fall was depressing, this faithful blogger tried to contain her glee when the Pens were knocked out, though I do feel a bit sorry for Crosby. Poor guy just wanted to play one more game of hockey before the end.

As for Caps/Rangers and Flyers/'s no surprise how it ended, though for a while, the Sabres made me believe. I guess that is the alluring power of American hero Ryan Miller in that he can make you hope beyond hope even when you know the D can be quite dreadful at times.

So now I will go back to watching Round 2, biting my nails and downing shots of vodka and praying through tears that my team doesn't disgrace themselves once again.

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