Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tweet that was Heard around the Hockey World

It came as no surprise to anyone when Sean Avery came out in support for gay marriage. For a guy that for so long was interested in fashion and offered to stand by any kid coming out to his team, this was inevitable.

And, obviously, there was going to be fallout. Fallout in the shape of a few tweets from Uptown Sports:

Despite the fact that using your personal twitter to spread your own views is a big no-no, these tweets are inadvisable for a number of reasons. One, they make you look like a douche. Two, it really must suck when you're more of a douche than SEAN AVERY.

However, these tweets did have some good come from them. Paul Bissonnette (otherwise known as BizNasty2pont0) came out in support of Sean Avery's comments, and gay marriage:

"I agree with Sean Avery and his comments on the same-sex marriage issue @ Norton Sports. If 2 people are happy together, let them be happy."

He added a follow up in true, BizNastian fashion:

"For all the gay couples inviting me to their weddings, I'll only consider if there is an open bar at the reception."

These tweets instantly exploded the Twitter verse and the conversation is still ongoing as I type. Much anger was head when the president of uptown sports said he "stood by" these comments. 

There is now a petition brought on by several sports agents, including Norton sports, to condemn these comments. 

Now the Rangers franchise came out in full support behind Avery, making it the first sports franchise to stand behind gay marriage.

More news will be added as the story evolves, but for now, all I have to say is that it might really suck to be a bigger dick than Sean Avery.

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